Noor Bank & ICICI Instant Remittance Agreement/Supplied

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Noor Bank, ICICI Bank launch instant remittance services to India

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The service allows instant money transfers Noor Bank’s online portal and mobile banking app, offering added flexibility and convenience to personal banking customers.


Noor Bank has partnered with India’s ICICI Bank to allow customers to make instant money transfers to India from anywhere in the UAE. 

Mufazzal Kajiji, the Head of Retail Banking at Noor Bank, said, “Remittances remain a key source of sustenance for millions of families around the world and our partnership with ICICI Bank assumes significance in providing our customers with fast and efficient services to meet their needs in the UAE and back home.”

According to the World Bank, India is the world’s top recipient of remittances, with overseas Indians having sent a total of $79 billion back home in 2018.

India received AED 13.6 billion through exchange houses and banks in the UAE in Q4 2018.

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