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Volvo to inaugurate self-driving buses in Singapore

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The electric buses, with a capacity close to 80 passengers, will soon begin driving at the campus of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, before trials are extended to public roads.

Tuesday 05, March 2019

(Bloomberg) –Volvo is ready to start testing full-sized driverless buses in Singapore, helping the city state take a step forward in the race to deploy autonomous public transport.

Hakan Agnevall, President of Volvo Buses, said, “Volvo’s first full-sized electric autonomous bus, unveiled in Singapore represents a key milestone for the industry.”

Singapore said that it aims to operate scheduled services using autonomous buses during the off-peak periods in three residential areas away from the city centre by 2022.

The country has built a mini town for the testing of driverless vehicles, complete with intersections, traffic lights as well as bus stops and pedestrian crossings.

In a statement, Volvo said that the journey towards full autonomy is undoubtedly a complex one.

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